Smaller fixes for Story scribe usability


We have loads of smaller improvements for story scribe that we are working on and will bring in the next update (hopefully next week).

These include snapping images for the full screen mode (dragging the image left or right results in the current image to snap to the center of the screen) in the show and tell part of the game. These are shown in the first video embedded below.

We've also added the ability to reorder the players inserted for the game as visualized in the second video.

Other smaller changes included in the update:

* Multiple localization fixes for the finnish translation

* Book animation in the end can be laggy so we fiddled with the bitrates of it to make it a bit better

* Bug where removing any player from player list would remove the last player fix

* Some more minor bug fixes.

We're working on the game in Unity engine which has been notoriously wonky with UI stuff so doing for example the reorderable drag and drop list seemed a bit annoying at first but luckily we found an excellent UI extension package for Unity. Here's the link to the package.

The package has lots of really useful UI components and it is free to use for commercial projects so it was a perfect fit for us. You should definitely give the package a look if you need anything a bit more complicated in your Unity UI.

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