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Story Scribe is a mobile game that combines draw & guess game mechanics with a rule set familiar from the telephone game. The goal of it is to come up with a story using a combination of drawings and written descriptions from different players.

Collaborative art and story telling combined.

The idea is to pass around a phone in your group. The first user makes up a name and the first chapter of a story. The second user then draws an image based on whats happening in the first chapter and the next user is supposed to write the second chapter of the story based only on the image and so forth.

We're already available in google play stores early access and testflight.

It's in BETA, so we would appreciate feedback! The best ways to engage us are twitter and facebook so if you have any questions or comments send us a message.

Twitter | Facebook

You can find the feedback form through story scribes website or the game itself.

We're looking to develop the game further with for example a multiplayer mode on the roadmap. The best way to support development at this stage is your feedback.

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